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Updated July, 2022

Where should you go in Northern Vietnam in winter? Winter is just lying curled up in a warm blanket? Finding the best Vietnam travel guide to know to go where? Winter is an ideal time for you to travel to the Northwestern provinces. You can not only immerse yourself in a quiet space, but also enjoy the winter flowers and upland specialties. If you are afraid of the cold, today Gadt Travel would like to introduce you this Vietnam travel guide with 4 winter destinations in the North, which will definitely bring an interesting experience.

It can be said that winter is a feature of the North at the end of the year. This is an opportunity for visitors to feel the unique aftertaste of the nature here.


1. SAPA – The first priority in a Vietnam travel guide.

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Located at a position quite high compared to sea level, Sapa temperature usually down to minus C. Coming to Sapa in the winter, you can feel the true cold here. Definitely an unforgettable experience.

Winter in Sapa with dense fog, white snow like an endless silk sheet. And hidden into rows of thorny pine, weaving on the slopes of the house. The beauty that makes so many travelers feel fluttered when traveling to this highland. You can watch the snow falling and feel like you are lost in the European sky.

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In addition, coming to Sapa in the winter, you cannot miss pleasure of sitting by the warm pink fire to enjoy the typical baked goods such as blue rice, wild meat, grilled chestnuts, … Then chilling with a little Sapa warm wine.

Besides Sapa, why do not you choose Hanoi Tours to explore thousand years old capital of Vietnam?


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Winter to cloudy sky, it seems that the pace of life also slowed down. But coming to Moc Chau, you will see a very different winter. As one of the most beautiful highlands in the Northwest mountainous, Moc Chau has long been an attractive destination for many tourists to choose to travel in the winter.

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Come to Moc Chau this season, you will not only admire the field of white cabbage, pink of peach branches, but you also feel the taste of heaven and earth on the tea hills. In the early afternoons, visitors will no longer be sad, standing on the tea hill will feel the fog is slowly falling, making Moc Chau peaceful and extraordinarily quiet.


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Referring to the tourist destination of the North in the winter. It is impossible to ignore the land of Buckwheat flower. The best time to visit Ha Giang is from October to the end of December. Because this is the time when the Buckwheat flower blooms to create a stunning picture.

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Moreover, coming to Ha Giang this season, visitors can also enjoy the cold wind in the Dong Van mountain plateau, Meo Vac, … and admire the snow. Do not forget to enjoy the typical flavor of the ethnic people here such as gac sticky rice, smoked meat, … Eating once also makes us remember that flavor forever.


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Like the second Da Lat in the North. Tam Dao becomes more fanciful and poetic in the winter thanks to the floating clouds hidden on the hills. Early waking up in Tam Dao town, you will feel like stepping into the land of the future. Clouds and fog covered the hills, making the mountainous town be more romantic.

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Take a walk up the ancient stone church in the center of Tam Dao town to see the whole valley in the fog in the morning. With the roads winding in the early morning mist, the scenery is surprisingly quiet, …


Finally, those are suggestions for a northern winter tourist destination that you should visit once. Visiting them on cold days, you will see both the amazing landscape and the lifestyle of ethnic minorities . This is a precious experience that you should try once. GoAsiaDayTrip wishes you a meaningful journey this winter!

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