Vietnam travel tips – What shouldn’t you do?

Updated July, 2022

Owners of “The Hungry Suitcase” blog, after a month-long journey, both have repeatedly asked: “Thailand and Vietnam have many similarities in tourism, but why the rate of return to Thailand is 50%, while Vietnamese Male is only 5%? In my opinion, Vietnam deserves to be the leading country in Southeast Asia to explore, but it is also accompanied by many unpleasant experiences, ”Bill said. Therefore you should know these Vietnam travel tips below.

1. Shopping without bargain – First thing to note in Vietnam travel tips.

Vietnam Travel Tips
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It took us a while to understand this. Merchants in Vietnam rarely use a fixed price, but based on who the buyer is. I don’t say that it happends all the time, but many times they give the price is higher than usual, making tourist overpay the money then have no idea about that … It happens every day, making us be more careful. So, if you really like an item, be prepared to pay the reasonable price and if you do not, don’t waste time.

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2. Confusion between “15” and “50”.

Vietnam travel tips
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This often happens with street vendors, for example, if you buy a cup of coconut water or polish a pair of shoes, make sure it’s “15 thousand” and not “50,000.” Therefore, use your finger to make sure that you understand correctly. You would think 35,000 is a very small amount. But according to our Vietnam travel tips, it is the top reason for visitors never to return to Vietnam. Everyone, they don’t want to be deceived.

3. Breakfast in the hotel.

Vietnam travel tips
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Most 2-star hotels and above serve breakfast. But trust me! Vietnam is a great destination for cheap and delicious street food such as noodles, bread … Why forcing yourself to eat a free, boring breakfast and skip the chance to explore more outside? During our time in Vietnam, we almost piled many restaurants without getting bored.

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4. Subjective when riding a motorbike.

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Motorbike accidents are the leading cause of visitor deaths. I have fell motorbikes in Vietnam three times and even saw many more heavy falls on Sapa road. Motorcycles are very dangerous but they have an irresistible attraction that are one the most unforgettable experiences. So if you like this vehicle, it’s best to hire an experienced private driver then don’t forget to bring travel insurance in case of emergencies.

5. Food hygiene issues – The most important of Vietnam travel tips.

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Abdominal pain, digestive disorders often occur in inexperienced travellers. Soups are often thought to be the main causes, therefore, make sure to eat in crowded, clean restaurants and eat when the dishes are boiled.

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