Welcome to Kampung Pelangi – the rainbow village in Indonesia

From a kinda obsolete slum where its people were about to evict from their home, Kampung Pelangi now has transformed remarkably into such a spectacular tourist attraction drawing a huge attention from domestic and foreign tourists. What makes such an Instagrammable rainbow village in Indonesia unique? Let’s discover in the following article.


  1. Behind the scene – Kampung Pelangi – the rainbow village in Indonesia:

The brilliant idea of transforming Kampung Pelangi comes from a high-school principal – Mr. Slamet Widodo who came up with the idea of painting its house, benches and bridges in different bright colors with the aim to attract more tourists to the area and improve the economic situation of this town.

rainbow village in Indonesia
Road to Kampung Pelangi – rainbow village in IndonesiaPhoto from Internet

When the idea was spread, all village residents had to join to make the job done. People colored the town in bright color and beautiful murals. And now Kampun Pelangi becomes an art work and converted itself into a tourism hotspot where you can take a hundred of Instagram-inducing photos. Let’s admire its amazing transformation:

The village now houses 223 rainbow-decorated homes and has become a tourist hot spot bringing about a new face and prosperous perspective for the village. Kampung Pelangi now is not a slum any more.

There are about 7,000 posts with the hashtag #kampungpelangi already existing and the number of posts keeps growing every day. Besides the famous wall piecesm stand the backdrops for people to strike a pose with angel wings, butterflies, balloon, mystical creatures, umbrellas and the well-known Kung Fu Panda.

2. How to get to Kampung Pelangi – the rainbow village in Indonesia:

Now are you ready to visit this rainbow village in Indonesia? Let us help you build the map and have a go now. Kampung Pelangi is the village in Randusari, South Semarang in Central Java which is about 480 km to the east of Jakarta Capital. From here, you can refer to either a public bus or train to get to the village. Follow this guideline to know the detail instruction on how to get to the rainbow village in Indonesia.

3. What should we do in the rainbow village in Indonesia?

Now welcome you to Kampung Pelangi – the rainbow village in Indonesia. You may wonder what we should do there. Let’s discover now.

rainbow village in Indonesia
Follow this path to Kampung Pelangi

The very first thing you may wish to do when arriving in this rainbow village in Indonesia is to take as many gorgeous pictures of the place as possible. You can wander around the village, climb on its colorful steps and satisfy your purpose of taking photos.

rainbow village in Indonesia
Photo from Internet

On your way you can meet plenty of locals and foreign tourists coming here to admire the Insta-famous village in Indonesia.

After visiting any corner of the village and striking as many poses as you can, it is time for you to take a rest, have a meal to keep your energy level up. Let’s drop by a local food store and enjoy a local meal, have a conversation with the residents and listen to their positive feeling about their life. Such a peaceful retreat in a perfect place!

rainbow village in Indonesia

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