What to buy in Hanoi?

Before saying good-bye to the charming capital, what to buy in Hanoi to bring home as gifts? Especially for those who seem like last-minute people, searching for some Hanoi souvenirs may come at the end of their travel trip. No need to rush for a quick item, note down some suggestions for What to buy in Hanoi and where to buy them. Enjoy shopping!

1. Hanoi silk – What to buy in Hanoi:

ao dai - what to buy in hanoi

When visiting the capital city, you can easily catch the images of Vietnamese women wearing the traditional “ao dai”. If you are a fan of something authentic and cultural, then buying a piece of Hanoi silk is such a great idea for the question of what to buy in Hanoi. When it comes to Hanoi silk, there is a huge miss if we neglect Van Phuc Silk – well-known for its unique silk weaving techniques and high quality.

Van-Phuc-Silk - what to buy in hanoi
Van Phuc Silk – Internet photo

Besides, Van Phuc silk is famous for being thin and light, so it is loved by many people, especially foreign tourists. Visiting Van Phuc Village gives you the ample chance to buy various silk items ranging from towels, bags, wallets clothes made with colorful fabrics offered at reasonable prices.

Address: Van Phuc Village, Ha Dong District, Hanoi

Van Phuc Village – Internet photo

More interestingly, Vietnam now is successful with weaving silk from lotus – a true gift from Mother Nature. If you wish to explore this masterpiece from Vietnamese artisans, let’s take Hanoi One Day Tour and discover plenty of enticing tradition and culture identities of Hanoi.

Keep on reading this article: “Hanoi Handicraft Village Tour” to learn more about the excellent lotus silk from Vietnam.

Here are some addresses for buying Hanoi silk and other tailor-made clothes in Hanoi:

  • Ha Dong Silk – 102 Hang Gai
  • Song Ha Noi – 5-7 Nha Tho Street
  • Ipa-Nima Handbag’s Shop – 59 G Hai Ba Trung Cat Walk – 39 Van Mieu
  • Kid’s Fashion – 45 Quang Trung

2. Hanoi specialties – What to buy in Hanoi:

Another ideal option for Hanoi gifts is Hanoi specialties. These meaningful and delectable items surely can delight your beloved ones.

Com – Young rice flakes:

young rice flakes - what to buy in hanoi
Young rice flakes – Internet photo

The very first gift you can’t miss out when visiting Hanoi is its eye-catchy young rice flakes. Jot down some addresses to buy this yummy item: Vong Village (Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi) and Hang Than Street. When autumn comes, that signals the time for harvesting rice and it is also the time for making this specialty. The young rice flakes are wrapped in fragrant lotus leaf and best enjoy with ripe bananas and pickled eggs. Try this unique dish with Hanoi Food Tour.

Salted dried fruits:

Salted dried fruits is one of the most sought products that of many tourists when looking for what to buy in Hanoi. As a tropical country, Vietnam has a great supply for fruits and that brings a variety of flavors for dried fruits. What’s your favorite taste among these: licorice apricots, dried ginger and apricot, dracontomelon, crunchy and fried cucumber, etc.

The best place to buy salted dried fruits in Hanoi are: Hang Duong Street with famous stores like Tien Thinh, Gia Loi, Gia Thinh, Hong Lam, Van Loi with the price ranged from VND 10,000 for 100g.

Lotus tea:

lotus tea - what to buy in hanoi
Lotus tea – Photo from Minh Cuong Shop

One famous brand name for lotus tea is West Lake Lotus Tea which is made from the outstanding Thai Nguyen Tea type 1, marinated with lotus rice many times to absorb the mild fragrance. You can head to Minh Cuong Shop (135 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan) to buy this excellent lotus tea.

Do you want to taste this tea to relax in a Hanoi Cooking Class

3. Hanoi handicraft products – What to buy in Hanoi:

Other answer for the question of what to buy in Hanoi is Hanoi handicraft products. These items have meticulous and sophisticated design made by skillful artisans. You can choose to buy some pottery items from Bat Trang Ceramic Village. If you have time, we suggest visiting the village and try to make your own pottery items.

Check out the list of some shops you can head to:

  • Craft Link – 43 Van Mieu
  • Hoa Sua Shop – 63A Trang Thi
  • Lacasa – 12 Nha Tho
  • Tuyet Lan – 10 Ly Quoc Su
  • Tre Viet Decor – 125 Lo Duc

You don’t really need to spend a day on shopping for Hanoi souvenirs. Use the time when taking a Hanoi One Day Tour to both explore the capital and search for special gifts to bring home.

4. Shopping tips when travelling in Hanoi – What to buy in Hanoi:

As a common saying, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Let’s learn some shopping tips when travelling in Hanoi:

  • When shopping in open-air markets: avoid asking too much without buying anything especially when you come to the market in the early morning or afternoon. You should not bargain so aggressively, you may in stead bargain once or twice.
  • When buying salted dried fruits: remember to check for the production date and the expiration date before buying.
  • Using local currency when shopping in Vietnam: The local currency is Vietnam Dong and it is widely used all over the country.

Refer to What currencies is used in Vietnam for more useful information.

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