What to buy in Malaysia as gifts?

Have you ever asked yourselves, what you have left after taking a trip? Memories with the destinations, the local people and their exotic food, satisfaction when admiring beautiful landscapes or the fulfilled feeling when our travelling purposes have been met. Less or more we surely want to share our experience with those beloved ones at home. How about giving them some gifts from our trip? When visiting the diverse cultural Malaysia, here are our Top 5 suggestions for what to buy in Malaysia as gifts. Keep on exploring.


Top 5 suggestions for what to buy in Malaysia as gifts:

1. Batik:

batik silk - what to buy in malaysia
Batik silk – Internet photo

For those who are shopping lovers, then spending some hours at the local shopping malls may always lie on the list of their Malaysia tours. If you are a fan of the local customs or nature-originated items, then batik should come first in the list of what to buy in Malaysia as gifts.

Batik drawing
Batik drawing – Photo from livingnomads.com

Batik fabric is meticulously made by local artisans using beeswax to create crisp shapes and then dyed with different colours. Malaysian batik silk is only printed with plant, flower shapes and beeswax. Such a meaningful gift to bring home.

There are a lot of items made form Batik silk for you to choose from.

2. Souvenirs made from tins:

Another gift to buy in Malaysia is tin items. Items made from tin are widely sold at shopping malls, souvenir shops, handicraft shops, high-end specialty shops or at local markets. You can choose the attractive items like the Petronas Twin Tower model, keychains, bracelet with the symbols of Malaysia printed on them.

Tin items – Photo from Travel360

The price for those things start from US$ 2-5. Visit the trusted Royal Selangor at No. 4, Jalan Usahawan 6, Setapak Jaya, 53300 Kuala Lumpur – the world’s largest tin product producer based in KL to choose your favourite items.

Royal Selangor – Photo from en.yelp.my

3. Teh Taric – Malaysian Tea:

Have you ever watched an artist tea brewer making tea on Malaysia streets? Not kidding though but they do it so skillfully. More interestingly, the tea they’re making is so tasty and yes tasty. This is bubble milk tea being loved by both locals and international tourists. Teh Taric features with its rich flavor and aroma.

Backed by the eye-catching performance of the tea makers, when drinking a cup of Teh Taric, we can both enjoy an impressive performance and a delicious drink. And yes, remember to bring some to home and enjoy with your family.

Let’s see how the tea maker juggles Teh Taric.

4. Instant noodles:

Are we joking? No, we aren’t. Instant noodles is a popular gift many tourists choose to buy when visiting Malaysia. Don’t underestimate My Kuali Penang White instant noodle of Malaysia! This is the seventh type of noodles on the list of the most spicy instant noodles of all time, if you have friends who are followers of spicy food or your friends who like the strange, the poison of the world, My Kuali Penang White is an interesting and unique gift that you should buy as a gift when traveling to Malaysia.

Despite its industrial processing, the taste of My Kuali Penang White noodles is still very tasty and charming, quite different from normal instant noodles. A batch of 4 packets of instant noodles My Kuali Penang White is sold for about MYR 7.

5. Herbs and spices:

If your friends and relatives love Malaysian food, buying spices and herbs as gift is a great idea. You can share the special gifts to your family and relatives to cook various delicious Malaysian dishes. One advice for you is that you should choose spices and herbs for popular Malaysian dishes such as curry powder, satay sauce. The price is only about MYR 4 – 7 / package.

herbs and spices - what to buy in malaysia
Herbs and spices – Internet photo

Where to buy those things?

You now have the answer for the question on what to buy in Malaysia as gifts. It is now time for you to look for where to buy them right?

Check out the list of shopping malls in Malaysia and head to the nearest place to you. Enjoy shopping!

Now that you have the list for where and what to buy in Malaysia. But hold on, how can we buy them? In other words, can we pay in US dollars or with local currency? Keep on exploring.

1. What currency does Malaysia use?

The answer is Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) in which 1 MYR equals to about 0.24 US$. Malaysian Ringgit has two forms either in banknotes or in metal coins. Malaysian banknotes are available in denominations of RM1, RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50 and RM100 while Malaysian coins have denominations of 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen.

2. Changing money in Malaysia:

You can charge US dollars or other foreign currency to Malaysia Ringgit in banks and authorized money chargers everywhere. You can find the best exchange rates at banks and authorized money changers. Please notice that money chargers will only accept banknotes in good condition, so if your notes are in dull color or have been through the washing machine for a few times, then forget them.

3. Where to find ATMs in Malaysia:

ATMs can be easily found in cities across Malaysia giving a safer and cost-effective way for travelers to get local currency. Paying attention to the places nearby major bank branches, shopping malls and at air and land terminals. If your home bank is a member of the Cirrus or Plus global ATM network, you just need to look for an ATM carrying the same network signage as your card. You can also withdraw currency from your credit card. For MasterCard holders, you can withdraw from Cirrus ATMs and Visa cardholders can withdraw from Plus ATMs. Most ATMs allows you to withdraw MYR 1,500 per transaction and MYR 3,000 per day maximum.

malaysia ringgit
Malaysia ringgit – Internet photo

We hope that our article on What to buy in Malaysia as gifts has provided you the information needed. It’s now your turn to discover the diverse country. Remember to share with us about your experiences in the comment below.


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