What to do in 36 hours in Phnom Penh

What to do in Phnom Penh in 36-hours suggested by the New York Times reporter, presented below, will give you more exciting options for your trip in this beautiful city.


  1. Enjoy drinks in historical space (17h)

Phnom Penh is a city that has been visited by many celebrities such as Jacqueline Onassis, Catherine Deneuve, Angelina Jolie … and they all stay at the luxurious Raffles Hotel Le Royal. This hotel has witnessed many ups and downs in the history of Cambodia, even it was a safe haven for journalists before the Khmer Rouge moved into the city in 1975.

The design here make you feel like you are in a Western country

Today, Elephant Bar at Raffles Hotel Le Royal has become a regular meeting point for many embassy staff as well as non-government staff working in Phnom Penh. At $ 12 per drink, the Elephant Bar will be the ideal stopover for guests to relax before exploring Phnom Penh and on the top list of what to do in this city.

  1. See art performances (19h)

Plae Pakaa performances

At 19h, you can visit the National Museum to see the unique Plae Pakaa performances. Here, with the entrance fee of about $ 13.5, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the unique traditional performances. The dancers in traditional Cambodian dress will preform the traditional rituals as well as play ethnic instruments, which are considered to “hypnotize” the listener.

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  1. Enjoy Cambodian cuisine (20h30)
Space of Malis Restaurant
Space of Malis Restaurant

Cambodian cuisine is not only known for its quality of food, but also for its subtlety in selecting herb as the raw materials. An interesting venue for dining is the Malis Restaurant, where guests can enjoy dinner in the open air, nearby the lake, and in the virtual illusion.

Besides that, visitors can also visit the Tiger restaurant to enjoy a dinner on the courtyard with special dishes decorated as: Coconut soup, chicken soup with butter, delicious diet from snapper fish…

  1. Relax and enjoy the nightlife (22h30)

After enjoying dinner, Bar Sito on 240th Street will be the ideal choice for visitors to relax and feel the freshness of Phnom Penh nightlife. Here, you can choose to drink Martini Espresso or Negronis, for about $ 5 and can comfortably dance to the vibrant music. If you are a fan of French culture, the Bouchon Wine Bar is a must-see place for you to have a glass of Médoc or Vodka martini.

Bouchon Wine Bar
Bouchon Wine Bar

You can also take a stroll around Phnom Penh’s bustling streets, such as street no. 51 and 178, to experience the nightlife, and finally head to the Zeppelin Cafe for enjoying delicious cake.


  1. Go shopping at Central Market (8h)
Impressive design of Central Market
Impressive design of Central Market

Going to the market and shopping for travel items is an experience that most travelers do not miss, and of course this experience is no exception to Phnom Penh tourists. One of the best known and most visited markets in Phnom Penh is the Central Market, also known as the New Market – an impressive architecture built in 1939. The market has recently been upgraded in 2011 and sold a lot of rich items such as: Clothing, jewelry, handicrafts…

If you travel a little further to the West, you will find the O ‘Russei three-level market, where you can buy everything from dry fish to high heels, at the reasonable price. Besides, the Russian market is also an interesting destination for you to “own” the unique Buddha statues, or the kitchen utensils made of wood.

  1. Discover exciting new dishes (afternoon)
Romdeng Restaurant
Romdeng Restaurant

Romdeng Restaurant is one of the famous places of Phnom Penh that should be on your list of discoveries. Romdeng is known not only for its excellent cuisine, but also as an address to support street children learning cooking and culinary skills. Also, do not miss the exploring of Phnom Penh’s street food, and try the specialty fried spiders here. If you want to enjoy the cupcakes, Bloom café is the best place for you, with each cake costing about $ 1.5.

  1. Wander around famous places (15h30)

When walking around the central streets of Phnom Penh, visitors can easily see the monks begging for mourning in orange robes, which is one of the beautiful features of Cambodian culture. Interestingly, the monks here are very interested in practicing English with tourists, as this is a way for visitors to understand deeply their life and culture.

Royal Palace- The must-see destination for tourists
Royal Palace- The must-see destination for tourists

On your itinerary, visitors should also visit Wat Botum or the Royal Palace, as it attracts a large number of Phnom Penh tourists to visit. Besides, walking through Neak Banh Teuk Park at dawn or sunset, is also the way to make you feel the most vibrant life of this place.

  1. Sit on the Tonle River for a boat ride
If you don't know what to do in Phnom Penh then spend time in Tonle River is the ideal choice
If you don’t know what to do in Phnom Penh then spend time in Tonle River is the ideal choice

Sitting on the boat and taking a stroll on the Tonle Sap River at sunset is an experience that will make visitors extremely impressed. There are many different boats to choose from, with prices ranging from $ 25 to $ 50, you can choose the two-storey wooden boat with full amenities such as comfortable sofa, home cleanliness, accompanied by attractive food and drinks for a journey of about 2 hours. On the other hand, with cost-conscious travelers, you can also choose to take a stroll on the small boats of fishermen at a relatively cheap price.

  1. Experience delicate taste of dishes (20h)
Armand restaurant
Armand restaurant

In the evening, guests can visit the Armand restaurant to find the typical flavor of French cuisine. The restaurant is opened by famous chef Armand Gerbié, featuring a charming and nostalgic space. At $ 40 per person, you will have an unforgettable evening with delicious food and French wines.

  1. Finding the difference (22h)
Tepui Restaurant
Tepui Restaurant

If you seek for what to do uniquely, especially find the difference in food and architecture, Tepui Restaurant will be worth a visit. Featuring Chinese architectural style, this place will provide visitors with a truly enjoyable experience. You can order yourself a glass of rum, Coke, Angostura bitters … and choose yourself a sofa and sink in the lyrical jazz.

Along the alleys on 308, guests will find many interesting bars, with a variety of colorful cocktails.


  1. Explore the historical sites (10h30)

Having spent a long time in the past is a French colony, so visitors can easily see the French architecture scattered in many parts of Phnom Penh, especially the area near Wat Phnom.

Phnom Penh Central Post Office
Phnom Penh Central Post Office

What to do here? Guests can start exploring from the Phnom Penh Central Post Office, which is a typical French architectural style built in 1890, and restored in 2004. Tourists can buy souvenir stamps printed Cambodian culture, or buy souvenirs, as well as hand-carved statues of Cambodian artisans.

Van’s restaurant is open at 11:30 am in the Indochina Bank building, with its lively stained glass windows, which will be a stopover for French-style lunches for about $ 15.

  1. Hunt for items “made in Cambodia” (afternoon)

From handmade baskets made of hyacinths, Ikat scarves to lacquerware items … there is always something with the “Made in Cambodia” brand for you to buy.

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