What to visit in Philippines ?

Philippines is one of the best countries of the world to spend relaxing holidays. You are maybe asking yourself what to visit in Philippines before to take off. This archipelagic country has more than 7,000 islands which are not insignificant if you like to tan on the beach or swimming. Besides the islands there are many places to visit in Philippines.

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1) Manila: the historic capital of Philippines

How to forget Manila when we are wondering what to visit in Philippines? Manila is a bayside city located on the Northern part of the Philippines and is one of the most visited cities of the country. Here are some must-see places in Manila.

, the capital of Philippines

Rizal Park: one of the largest parks in Asia

If you like walking around parks you must consider twice the Rizal Park during your trip to Manila. This park is one of the largest parks in Asia and is one of the most popular attraction of the capital. This park is located along Roxas Boulevard and is very near to the old walled city of Intramuros.

Photo of the Rizal Park in Manila (what to do in Philippines)
Rizal Park in Manila (Philippines Travel Guide)

Fort Santiago: emblematic monument of the Capital

Another historic place to visit in the capital of Philippines is undoubtedly the Fort Santiago. As you can guess with its name, this monument was built by Spanish. This defense fortress is part of the old walled city of Intramuros and you will find it outstanding when you will face it. José Rizal one of the most emblematic heroes of Philippines was imprisoned here before his execution. This monument is definitely answering to what to visit in Philippines.

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Photo of the Fort Santiago (what to do in Philippines)
Fort Santiago in Manila (tripsavvy.com)

Taal Volcano: such a natural place

Taal Volcano is located approximately around 60 kilometers from Manila. It’s a complex volcano located on an island called Luzon. If you like to trek in natural places or if you like to take wonderful pictures, you will for sure enjoy this place a lot.

Photo of the Taal Volcano (what to do in Philippines)
Taal Volcano (philippines primer)

2) Boracay: between resorts and beaches

Boracay is also to mention when we talk about what to visit in Philippines. This small island is located in the center of Philippines (365 km on the south of Manila) and is the perfect place to have a big rest and to enjoy the beach.

White beach of Boracay: the best place to relax

The White Beach of Boracay is one of the most famous beaches of the island. If you are looking for relaxation it will be the best place to be. Moreover, you can also practice a lot of activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, kiteboarding and much more.

In Boracay, you could also enjoy other beaches such as Diniwid Beach Road for example.

Photo of the White Beach of Boracay
White Beach of Boracay (midouza.net)

3) Cebu city

Cebu is also located in the center of Philippines and is definitely a must-visit island. This island is surrounding by 150 smaller islands and islets. As Boracay, Cebu is famous for its dive sites and beach resorts. However, you will also find on this island some buildings from the Spanish colonial past. 

and its must-see places


Mactan is located around 1 kilometer from Cebu. If Mactan is famous among tourists, it’s mainly because it’s a coral island. Indeed, during your trip to Mactan, you must dive, go for snorkelling or practice other aquatic activities.

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Photo of the Mactan Island
Mactan Island (Philippines Travel Guide)

Magellan’s Cross

If you are interested by historical places, you must not miss the Magellan’s Cross. Indeed, this Christian cross was planted by Portuguese and Spanish when they arrived in Cebu. It was ordered by Ferdinand Magellan and kept its name.

Photo of the Magellan's Cross
The Magellan’s Cross (our global trek)

Fort San Pedro

The Fort San Pedro is another footprint let by the Spanish colonization in Philippines. This Fort was a military defense structure. If you like historic monuments and outstanding Fort you must visit it.

Photo of the Fort San Pedro
Fort San Pedro (lonely planet)

4) Davao

Davao is located on the South of the country. Davao is the largest city of the Philippines with a land area of 2,443-meter square.

Visiting the Mount Apo

The Mount Apo is the highest peak of the country with its height of 2,954 meters. This volcano is located on the island of Mindanao. Once again, if you like natural places, you should consider the Mount Apo twice.

Photo of the Mount Apo (what to do in Philippines)
Mount Apo in Davao (yandex.com)

Crocodile Park Davao

The Crocodile Park & Zoo in Davao will be a nice place for you in order to discover a lot of atypical animals. Indeed, you will find over there crocodiles, birds, monkeys and more. It’s probably a good place to visit if you have children.

Photo of crocodiles
Crocodiles in Crocodile Park, Davao (crocodilepark.ph)

People’s Park Davao

The People’s Park is a public park located in Davao. This park is quite interesting and you will find over there a lot of surprising sculptures. You will also find more than 1,000 plants and trees.

Photo of the People's Park in Davao
People’s Park in Davao (trekearth.com)

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