Why helicopter is favoured on Cambodia trip?

Mention Cambodia, which is referred to a beautiful country on the Indochina peninsula together with Laos and Vietnam, it today still preserves a lot of bold historic temple of a period of prosperity and development. Of the thousands of beautiful temples, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm… are the best highlights. The beauty of temples is that no one can deny. Currently, when travelling on foot was too traditional, people in this country have found a different way for visitors to discover all the beauty of this land. Discover it from above. And helicopter is a good option to get it into travelling.


Why helicopter has become more and more popular like ever, you should know for decision whether experience it or not

You will fly over temples and admire their majesty. From this point of view, it’s ideal to see how amazing old people made elaborate structures on such a large area. Views are so spectacular with forests, houses, rivers… interwoven on the land. You also watch the floating villages so small comparing with the river.  It would be much greater if you fly with the theme of sunrise. Visitors have been recommended to take a flight lasting at least 20 minutes. Also, you can opt to enjoy the beautiful scenery for 60 minutes.

helicopter -temple

Now there are some travel agents providing helicopter experience service. Most services include hotel pick-up and drop –off,… In advance, they will track weather forecasts to ensure your flight safe… Despite its expensive price, the number of tourists concerning this stunning way of temples sightseeing has increased instantly. It worth time and money to have a different perspective on your trip. You can freely capture very beautiful photos. Pilots are well-trained, long-year experienced and very knowledgeable. It takes advantages of your knowledge while talking about old temples.


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