Winter in Hanoi? What you need to prepare?

Updated July, 2022

Being in winter in Hanoi means you have to face with inclement weather and many other inconveniences, but in return, you will admire the beautiful scenery like a wonderland thanks to the pristine layer of white snow. If you are preparing for your travel, remember to pocket the following 6 tips.

1. WARM CLOTHES – First thing to have the best winter in Hanoi.

Winter in Hanoi
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We will continue with the familiar saying: “Fashion is not afraid of the weather” when we have fully equipped ourselves. With cold weather below 10 degrees in most northern provinces and lower in temperate countries, warm clothing is definitely a must. In addition to the usual long pants, you should prepare a leggings inside, it will be warmer if it’s leggings with feather layer, they will ensure the temperature just enough for your feet to go anywhere. . Shirt should wear as many layers as possible. The trick is to only wear a thick coat, the rest, layer layers of thin layers together. This will help you look both high fashion and keep warm effectively without having to carry a bulky suitcase with heavy coats.

Besides, you should wear 2-3 pairs of socks at once, bring woolen hats, scarves, earplugs, etc. so that the cold does not prevent you from enjoying your journey. You should also consider where snow, rain will make your shoes wet so if luggage allows, bring a light pair of waterproof material and non-slip soles to help you fight with. all kinds of terrain.

2. Moisturizing.

Winter in Hanoi
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Beauty and skin care must be paid more attention in the winter trip. Weather below 10 degrees makes our skin more prone to dryness, damage and peeling. More than ever, you need to prepare all the steps of skin care such as rose water, moisturizing essence, moisturizer or more wonderful sleeping mask to replenish water for the face. Coconut oil to remove makeup or moisturize the lips should not be lacking. If you forget to moisturize, stop by a convenience store to buy a bottle of baby oil, which can help moisturize but still be safe for your skin.

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3. Prevent phone from running out of battery quickly – Survive in winter in Hanoi.

Winter in Hanoi
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The colder it gets, the faster the phone battery will go down, especially on smartphones. Your phone battery will go downhill without braking or easily shutdown due to exhausted power due to the cold weather. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you should carry a spare charger, keep the phone in your pocket or other places near your body, do not leave them in the cold or in the bathroom, always charge the battery fully before out of the house and should have tiles or covers. The same should be applied to the camera so you don’t miss any precious moments on this winter trip.


Winter in Hanoi
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Diverse hotel systems give us many choices. In addition to the setting, the service you should pay special attention to is whether the hotel has heaters and heating systems. Cold weather met a beautiful hotel like poetry, between hills and forests but without heat, you will not be able to sleep well. Not to mention the cold in the hotel makes you just want to curl up in the blanket forever, can not do anything else.


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Any trip will be perfect if you fully prepare yourself from beauty to health. We cannot predict anything about our bodies, whether we will suffer from heat stroke. Better yet, prepare in your medical bag some basic medicine to prevent colds, headaches, and unfortunate stomach pain. Health is important so prevention is never redundant. When traveling to a tourist destination, you should also look out for pharmacies near you. Maybe you’ll need it.

6. Enjoy the cold winter.

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Winter travel, especially on special cold days at the end of the year, is never easy for girls. Each city will have different looks, no season like the season so the price of being cold is that you will see snow, snow, see your breath melt into the air or see the scenery. natural officials, the architecture put on a new coat. Traveling in the winter is also a way to pamper yourself because it is only so cold, you can enjoy all the pleasure when soaking in a hot bath, wrapped in a thick scarf that in Vietnam does not now have a chance to use it. Only with that cold will you feel the whole cup of hot coffee or skewers on the roadside. Only cold like that, you understand what warmth is like.

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