Best Food In Ninh Binh You Should Not Miss

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Best Food In Ninh Binh You Should Not Miss

When mentioned in Vietnamese cuisine, the fragrance is not only found in the traditional bowls of pho or bread rolls of Hanoi cuisine but also in the best food in Ninh Binh. The famous place with 4 UNESCO titles promises visitors specialties that only restaurants in Ninh Binh can serve. Please save this list of GADT Travel below when visitors have a chance to taste best food in Ninh Binh when visiting this province. 

1. Stew Fish with Nauclea Orientalis (Ca Kho Gao)

Stew Fish with Nauclea Orientalis

This is one of the must-try food in Ninh Binh for foodies because of the strange and indigenous of this dish. Nauclea Orientalis is often used as medicine, but with the skillful hands of chefs in Ninh Binh, the fruit is sliced into small pieces and then lined on the bottom of the pot, then the fish is placed on top and covered with thin slices of Nauclea Orientalis on top. The taste of the dish is not fixed because it depends on the taste of that fruit from time to time. This best food in Ninh Binh will be quite unique and enhance tourists’ taste buds by its attractive color and characteristic sour or acrid taste.

2. Goat Meat

Goat Meat

Raising goats for their meat is common not only in Ninh Binh Province but also in other neighboring provinces. However, this best specialty food to try in the province is said to be second to none because of the very special taste which comes from the way the goats are fed. Ninh Binh provides dozens of different dishes prepared from goat meat. The most tasteful among them are goat soup, grilled goat meat with five spices, steamed goat meat with ginger, goat hotpot, and goat porridge. To enjoy this Ninh Binh food, travelers can visit a lot of restaurants to have a meal in the areas around Trang An, Tam Coc Caves or at the foot of Hoa Lu Mountain.

3. Steam Glutinous Rice With Ant Egg (Xoi Trung Kien)

Steam Glutinous Rice With Ant Egg

Sticky rice may be a common dish in Vietnam that travelers can easily find on every street and the ingredients can vary from green beans, and black beans to durian but there has never been any kind made of ant eggs so far, this unique dish may satisfy the question which is ”What to eat in Ninh Binh?” of many tourists. Strange yet absolutely delicious, this best food in Ninh Binh is definitely an unforgettable dish and is also extremely nutritious. But it sometimes does not appear in the Ninh Binh food guide because ant eggs only hatch in a specific season, besides, processing and finding a strange ingredient like ant eggs takes a great deal of effort.

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