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Ninh Binh is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to northern Vietnam. With its stunning limestone karst formations, ancient temples and pagodas, and scenic countryside, Ninh Binh offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Take a boat tour through Tam Coc and Trang An, explore the ancient ruins of Hoa Lu, and visit the majestic Bai Dinh Pagoda. For nature lovers, Cuc Phuong National Park is a must-see, with its diverse flora and fauna. Don't forget to try local specialties like com chay and com nieu. Book your trip to Ninh Binh now and experience the beauty of northern Vietnam for yourself!

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Top Reasons To Travel To Ninh Binh

Find out why travelers from all over the world are flocking to Ninh Binh and why it should be your next travel destination.

  1. Breathtaking scenery

    Surrounded by stunning landscapes like Tam Coc-Bich Dong, Trang An tourism complex, Bai Dinh pagoda – the biggest pagoda in Vietnam, Cuc Phuong National Park, Van Long Nature Reserve, Hoa Lu Ancient Temple,… the sceneries Ninh Binh offered to tourists is spectacular. Additionally, Ninh Binh is a must-see destination with its boundless rice fields, towering limestone mountains, and magnificent caverns.

  2. A taste of the Vietnamese village culture

    Ninh Binh is a unique destination where in addition to the stunning landscape, people can easily have an insight into the most rustic and authentic side of the Vietnamese village. Renting and riding a bicycle to further explore the surrounding countryside is a wonderful experience for adventurous travelers to immerse in the relaxed beauty of Ninh Binh.

  3. Temples and pagodas

    Ninh Binh is home to a lot of spiritual sites which attract a lot of people coming to visit including local people and foreign tourists. Aside from rural life, temples and pagodas in Ninh Binh are some of the few remaining elements of Vietnamese culture that make it worth visiting. Visitors must not miss a chance to check in Bich Dong pagoda, Bai Dinh pagoda or Hoa Lu temple – well-known destinations here.

  4. Trang An complex

    Trang An is a complex of mountains, caves, rivers, and pagodas which tourists can only see by boating. There are eight caves to explore on boats with many beautiful religious structures surrounded by green nature. Sit back and relax, our boat rider will paddle you through magnificent limestone mountains emerging from the emerald water.

Top Day Tours In Ninh Binh

Group tour
2D1N Truly Experience Ninh Binh Attractions From Hanoi
Group tour
Hoa Lu Ancient Capital - Tam Coc and Mua Cave One day from Hanoi
Group tour
Full-day Hoa Lu Ancient Capital and Trang An Complex from Hanoi by Limousine
Group tour
Hoa Lu Ancient Capital - Trang An Complex and Mua Cave one day from Hanoi
Group tour
Hoa Lu - Tam Coc Day Trip From Hanoi By Limousine
Group tour
One day excursion Trang An Boat, Bai Dinh Pagoda and Mua Cave from Hanoi
Group tour
One day Visit Bai Dinh Pagoda and Trang An Boat from Hanoi

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Ninh Binh Package Tours

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Top Things To Do In Ninh Binh

Natural | Vietnam
Breathtaking scenery with tranquil boat ride in Trang An Landscape Complex
Natural | Vietnam
Explore the unique Van Long Nature Reserve
Active | Vietnam
Explore Hoa Lu – the first ancient capital of Vietnam
Natural | Vietnam
Admire the river and rice paddies of Tam Coc
Active | Vietnam
Explore the charming Bich Dong Pagoda
Active | Vietnam
Having an incredible experience in Mua Cave
Active | Vietnam
Visiting Bai Dinh Pagoda – an ancient capital of Vietnam
Natural | Vietnam
Having a best moment in Thung Nham Bird Park
Active | Vietnam
Awake your discovery with Cuc Phuong National Park

Trip Ideas By Styles

Honeymoon 2
Active 10
Culture 12
Biking 1
Cruise 1
Natural 16
Hiking 1
Relax 1
City Break 4
Family 6

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers provided below are based on our local experience to answers customer questions about Ninh Binh.


Q: Where is Ninh Binh located?
A: Ninh Binh is located in the Red River Delta region of northern Vietnam, approximately 90 kilometers (56 miles) south of Hanoi.


Q: What are the main attractions in Ninh Binh?
A: Ninh Binh is known for its natural beauty, limestone karst formations, and historic landmarks. The main attractions include Tam Coc, Trang An, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, and Cuc Phuong National Park.


Q: What is the best time to visit Ninh Binh?
A: The best time to visit Ninh Binh is from late February to May, and from September to November. During these months, the weather is mild and pleasant, and there is less rainfall.


Q: How do I get to Ninh Binh?
A: Ninh Binh is accessible by bus, train, or private car from Hanoi. The journey takes approximately 2-3 hours by road or 1.5-2 hours by train.


Q: Is it necessary to hire a guide in Ninh Binh?
A: It's not necessary to hire a guide, but it can be helpful to have a local guide to show you around and provide insight into the history and culture of the area.


Q: How much does it cost to visit the attractions in Ninh Binh?
A: The cost of visiting the attractions in Ninh Binh varies. Tam Coc and Trang An boat tours cost around 200,000 - 300,000 VND per person, while admission to Bai Dinh Pagoda and Hoa Lu Ancient Capital is around 50,000 VND per person. Cuc Phuong National Park has a separate entrance fee of around 60,000 VND per person.


Q: What should I wear when visiting Ninh Binh?
A: It's recommended to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as there may be some walking involved when visiting the attractions. It's also advisable to dress modestly when visiting religious sites.


Q: Are there any local specialties in Ninh Binh?
A: Yes, Ninh Binh is known for its rice dishes, including com chay (burnt rice) and com nieu (cooked rice in a clay pot). Other local specialties include goat meat, eel, and fermented shrimp paste.


Q: Is Ninh Binh suitable for families with children?
A: Yes, Ninh Binh is suitable for families with children. The boat tours and outdoor activities can be fun for children, and there are also playgrounds and kid-friendly restaurants in the area.

Best Time To Travel In Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh can be visited at any time of the year, but the most recommended time is from May to July or from September to November when temperatures range from 23°C to 34°C. Moreover, the natural vegetation is fully in bloom during these months, which is promising for great photos.

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