The Beauty of Hoi An Nightlife

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The Beauty of Hoi An Nightlife

Hoi An nightlife is still pleasantly mellow in the old town - a good fit for the style of the old merchant town. Hoi An's old town has some tasteful, atmospheric spots for a quiet drink. They are mostly in close proximity to one another so people can wander around and pick the place that takes their fancy. So what is really attractive about traveling to Hoi An at night? 

1. Stroll Around Ancient Town

Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town is utterly beautiful at night. There is nothing more peaceful than strolling through the big and small alleyways, each of which is colored by lanterns strung above from wall to wall. When darkness falls, the bridge is illuminated by colorful lights which reflect on the water, making it an even more beautiful spectacle. It is also a popular spot for engagement photo shoots.

Address: Minh An Ward, Hoi An City.

2. Take A Leisurely Cruise in Hoai River and Release A Paper Lantern and Make A Wish

Hoai River

The rivers and canals in and around Hoi An nightlife are full of life and color, and what better way to explore this than on a sunset cruise on the Hoai River? A common tradition on full moon days is to purchase paper lanterns, light them and make a wish as people set them afloat on the water. It is thought to bring people luck and happiness. The river twinkles with hundreds of these lanterns floating into the distance, making for a perfect backdrop in Hoi An at night.

3. Visit Chua Cau (Japanese Covered Bridge)

Japanese Covered Bridge

The Japanese covered bridge is a tourist symbol of Hoi An ancient town, a destination that is no longer strange to any visitors. This Hoi An bridge is true to its name, lying across a small branch of the Thu Bon stream embracing the heart of the old town. Over 400 years of history, the bridge is still there, ancient and quiet, witnessing many changes and marking the interference of unique cultures. When night falls, Japanese covered bridge becomes more beautiful and sparkling than ever with twinkling lights, constantly changing colors, opening before visitors a beautiful multi-color picture. Walking around the brightly lit Japan covered bridge is a definite experience for people on the list of best things to do when traveling to Hoi An nightlife.

Address: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City.

4. Playing Traditional Games

Bai Choi

If during the day Hoi An becomes bustling with street vendors and unique dishes, in the evening the busiest place is the area where folk games take place. Coming to the beginning of Nguyen Thai Hoc street, visitors will be immersed in the crowded space of traditional games of Hoi An nightlife, especially singing bai choi. This amazing game is a diverse art, combining music, poetry, acting, painting and literature. This activity plays the role of preserving the breath of tradition and promoting the cultural beauty of the nation.

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