Unveil the Mysteries of Myanmar: A Cultural Odyssey.

Welcome To Myanmar

676,578 km2
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Myanmar (Burma) is amazing. This country of 60 million is rapidly emerging from more than 50 years of military dictatorship, blossoming into as worthy a stop as its popular neighbors. The people are more than friendly; they're thrilled to have tourists after being closed off to the West for so long. And it's safe; you won't constantly need to feel for your purse or hold your jewelry tightly.

Myanmar is a country straddling two worlds - there's Wi-Fi but just 5% of the population has a mobile phone. There are pristine 12th-century pagodas and beautiful beaux-arts buildings, though how long they'll be preserved remains to be seen, which makes now the time to go. A note about this guide: It is impossible to go to Myanmar and not indirectly give money to the government; the airlines and many of the better hotels are connected to the government. We encourage travelers to do their best to support independent businesses.

Top Reasons To Travel To Myanmar

Find out why travelers from all over the world are flocking to Myanmar and why it should be your next travel destination.

It's a new era for this extraordinary and complex land, where the landscape is scattered with gilded pagodas and the traditional ways of Asia endure.

  1. Gorgeous Pagodas Temples

    Since Myanmar is one of the most devoutly Buddhist countries on earth, thousands of stunning and unusual Burmese temples, pagodas, stupas and monasteries (e.g., Shwesandaw, Shwezigon, Shwedagon, Kuthodaw pagodas) have been built in different intricate architecture.

  2. Buddhism In Myanmar

    You might be surprised to know that nearly 90 percent of people in Myanmar today are Buddhists, and almost all of them practice Theravada Buddhism. There are more than 400,000 monks, 75,000 nuns & countless pagodas in Myanmar.

  3. Hot Air Ballooning In Bagan

    Renowned as one of the life-time experiences, taking a hot air ballooning in the early morning or late afternoon to roam the skies of Bagan to get the incredible bird's eye view of the astounding beauty of more than 2,200 temples and pagodas in this ancient city - Bagan.


  4. Ethnic Minorities

    Myanmar (also known as Burma) is one of the most ethnically diverse countries with 135 distinct ethnic groups (e.g., Bamar, Chin, Kachin, Kayin) with their own languages, culture and customs. These ethnic groups mainly live in 7 states which are Karen, Mon, Chin, Shan, Kachin, Karenni and Rakhine.

  5. Traditional Costumes

    Consisting of two sets - "Longyi" is the name of the traditional clothes of the men and "Thummy" is for women. Myanmar's traditional clothes are considered as a symbol expresses about their special culture and warm hospitality of this country.

  6. Breathtaking Archipelago

    Myanmar possesses more than 800 islands which vary in size from the smallest with just a few palm trees to the largest island of hundred sq km. This archipelago (e.g., Mergui archipelago) offers you a great chance to explore the spectacular marine life and relax on the beautiful beaches of Myanmar.


Trip Ideas By Styles

Best Time To Travel In Myanmar

Despite being the all-year-round destination, the best time to take Myanmar Tours is in the winter season which is between November and February, when the weather is cooler (the average temperature is around 27°C) and fewer chances of rainfall. However, it’s also the peak season for travellers so you are recommended to book all services in advance.

Off Season
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Best time

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